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  • Burmese Mountain Brown tortoise

    Priced From $375.00
    new arrivals!
    Well started and feeding on fresh greens and Optunia Cactus. These will grown into impressive sized animals.
  • Leopard Tortoise Jumbo hatchling

    Priced From $400.00

    sold out

    This tortoise is readily eating a variety of lettuces, sweet potatoes, and assorted greens! These tortoises do quite well outdoors in Florida provided they have adequate shaded areas and are kept dry during rainy seasons.


  • CherryHead Jumbo Hatchling

    Priced From $420.00

    Out of stock

    Our cherryhead hatchlings are always in high demand because of their beautiful coloration.  These are all recently hatched captive bred tortoises that are actively eating and at least three weeks of age.  Typical ages range between 3 and six months.  Given their young age, their sex remains undetermined and they must be kept in a protected indoor environment.   When properly cared for, they will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

  • Ivory Spur Thigh Hatchlings


    Sold Out

    New arrivals!  Captive bred to unrelated parents (Ivory father and Het mother)

    Ivory sulcata tortoises have dark ruby eyes and have creamy tan to brown coloration to their shell.  Born in warm and sunny Florida, these beautiful young torts are ready for a new home!

  • Spur Thigh Tortoise Jumbo Hatchling

    Priced From $90.00
    Several Available

    Jumbo spurthigh tortoise hatchlings range in age between six months and a year.  These are very well started captive bred spurthighs.  Sex is undetermined.

  • Yellowfoot tortoise hatchling

    Priced From $200.00
    one available

    Our captive bred Yellowfoot hatchlings are  well started and eating on fresh greens.   When properly cared for, they will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

  • Pancake Tortoise Hatchling

    Priced From $450.00

    Pancake Tortoise Hatchling The Pancake tortoise will stay small at only 6-7″ inches at adult size they can be kept indoors with ease. This hatchling is readily eating mixed greens….

  • Marginated Tortoise hatchlings

    Priced From $170.00
    We currently have two Marginated tortoise (Testudo marginata) hatchling available. These are captive bred babies. These are well started.   As adults these are small to medium tortoises attaining between 12-15 inches.

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