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  • Emerald Tree Boa

    We have a young,wild caught Emerald Tree Boa. Some light scarring around the neck.  Very nicely colored.

    not rated $400.00
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    Sumatran water Monitor Hatchlings


    We have 4 wild caught Sumatran Water Monitors. Each of them is beautifully colored from nose to tail, eating on crickets and pinks, and full of energy.

    not rated $150.00
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    Savannah Monitor


    This wild caught Savannah Monitor has been long time resident at the ranch arriving here over three years ago. A real old chuckster, she never misses a meal. Eating on mice, rats, turkey, and hard boiled eggs.

    not rated $160.00
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    Solomon Island Water Monitor


    This exotic animal has been living at the ranch for about two years.  It is not aggressive or fighty, but does have very sharp fingernails. Eating on mice, rat pups, turkey, and hard boiled eggs.

    not rated $500.00
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    Redfoot Tortoise Adults


    Our redfoot tortoise adults are of breeding age and of known sex.  They are normally kept within secure outside enclosures at the ranch and, weather permitting, will continue to be kept outside after customer purchase.  Depending on available inventory, the following purchase options may be available:  select “Male” and then the desired quantity to purchase one or more males; select “Female” and then the desired quantity to purchase one or more females; and select “Group” and the desired quantity to purchase a single male plus one or more females.  For example, to purchase a pair, select “Group” and then select a quantity of 2.  Alternatively, to purchase a trio, select “Group” and then select a quantity of three.

    From $337.50 Each
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    Russian Tortoise Juveniles and Adults

    new arrival – 1 female available

    Our inventory of Russian torts varies between young juveniles and fully mature adults.  If interested in a particular age range, contact us for availability.


    From $90.00 Each
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    Yellowfoot Tortoise Adults

    out of stock

    1.1 (male/female pair) available

    not rated From $300.00 Each
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    African Helmeted Turtle Pair

    African Helmeted Turtle pair (Pelomedusa subrufa) We have a 4+ year old, wild caught pair of African Helmeted turtles – available as a pair only. 
    not rated $80.00
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    Asian Box turtle Adult Pair

    Asian Box Turtles (Cuora amboinensis)  We have a huge breeding pair of Asian Box turtles.  With just a slight shell imperfection in the male, these beautiful turtles are robust eaters and very active.  Offered as a pair only  
    not rated $225.00