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    Hermanns Tortoise hatchlings

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  • Hermanns Tortoise Juveniles

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    Our farm raised Hermann pre-adults are not yet at full maturity and oftentimes their sex cannot be determined.  Most often, these tortoises will be kept within secure indoor enclosures at the Ranch.

  • Hermanns Tortoise Jumbo Hatchling

    Priced From $220.00

    four available – captive bred and very well started – 6 months+

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  • Hermanns Tortoise Adults

    Priced From $250.00

    limited availability

    While not often available, our current inventory includes a number of farm raised Hermann’s tortoise adults.  These are fully mature at breeding age and all are of known sex. They are normally kept within secure outside enclosures at the ranch and, weather permitting, will continue to be kept outside after customer purchase.  Depending on available inventory when ordering, the following purchase options may be available:  select “Male” and then the desired quantity to purchase one or more males; select “Female” and then the desired quantity to purchase one or more females; and select “Group” and the desired quantity to purchase a single male plus one or more females.  For example, to purchase a pair, select “Group” and then select a quantity of 2.  Alternatively, to purchase a trio, select “Group” and then select a quantity of three.