Hi, my name is Bill Murray and I'm the proprietor of Redfoot Ranch.
My passion is working with turtles and tortoises. I've been a devoted reptile hobbyist for a long time. After relocating from New York State to the Tampa Bay area as a young adult, my hobby continued to flourish. Over the years, I've invested lots of time, energy, and finances to expanding my collection of turtles and tortoises as well as with selected snakes and lizards. For a number of years, I served as President of the Turtle & Tortoise Club of Florida including chapters in Orlando and in Pinellas county. In early 2015, my long term dream of formally starting a reptile breeding business was realized and Redfoot Ranch was born. I remain active in both chapters of the Turtle and Tortoise Club. However, the demands of the business do not provide time for continuing as president. I am passionate about tortoises, turtles, and other exotics - when I can get away, I enjoy going on various herping adventures. I've traveled on a variety of organized herping trips to other parts of the Southeast, to the Southwest and to international locations. I also spend a lot of time volunteering. Some of my favorite volunteer moments have occurred with the T.S.A, NAFTA, and the sea turtle work that I have done in the USA and in Costa Rica. Thanks for visiting the website.