We ship all of our live animals via FEDEX Priority Overnight for delivery on weekday mornings. Normal shipping days are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for arrival the next day (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday).  Also, we directly drop off our live animal shipments as late as possible at FEDEX. Late dropoff and overnight prioritized delivery provides for the shortest possible time between final packing and customer retrieval.  Delivery on other days is normally avoided since potential delivery issues on such days have a greater potential for resulting in an extended delivery delay.  For example, a disruption of a Thursday shipment for scheduled delivery on Friday could delay delivery until Monday.

We can ship throughout the continental United States and to Alaska.  We currently DO NOT EXPORT any live animals outside of the United States.  We normally ship to your home or business address.  It is the customer’s responsibility to assure that the address supports availability of someone to immediately retrieve all live animals when they arrive.  As an option for customers that cannot support this requirement, Redfoot Ranch may be able to have your live animal purchase held at a FEDEX Ship Center for your pickup. This option is only available at select locations as not all FEDEX Centers will hold live animals. Contact us for more information on this option.

We directly coordinate with our customers on shipment/delivery schedule via email/text/phone prior to shipment. We require that each customer specifically confirm availability to immediately retrieve your live animal shipment upon arrival. We normally ship on Monday for orders received between Wednesday evening and Monday afternoon. Tuesday is the normal shipment day for orders placed between Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday is the normal shipment day for orders placed between Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon.

FEDEX Priority Overnight shipments to most destinations are scheduled to arrive by 10:30am. Your address may be one with a scheduled arrival at a later time – up to 4:30PM. Specifics are provided with FEDEX tracking information that will be provided to you upon shipment.

Redfoot Ranch can hold customer purchases for delivery up to a month in the future. A customer might want to order in advance of their readiness for delivery to prevent disappointment from the potential that their desired item would no longer be available if they delayed purchase. Customers might not be ready for delivery due to limited availability on delivery days, habitat for your purchase not yet in place, or a planned future arrival date for a gift. If you have a delayed delivery requirement, simply include that information as part of the comments section on the Checkout page. Please precoordinate with us in the event that you would require longer than a month long hold at Redfoot Ranch.

We use insulated packaging that is specially designed for live animal shipments. Prior to shipment, we also monitor weather conditions locally, enroute, and at the destination. If extreme inclement weather is predicted or if extreme cold or heat is predicted, we will delay delivery. We also will add heat or cool packs for cold/hot weather conditions as necessary. See an example of how we package our shipments here.

Our shipment charge varies depending on destination and package size and weight. The vast majority of our live animal shipments are a charge of $65.  Rates of $80, $115, or $140 apply for larger packages. An additional premium is charged for deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. You can also determine the exact shipping charge prior to completing an order.  Simply add your potential product order to the Cart. Then on the Cart page, enter city and zip under “Calculate Shipping”

Yes. If you are located in the vicinity of Corpus Christi or you plan to be in that area at a future time to retrieve your purchase, you can coordinate with us for pickup at the Ranch or a convenient place nearby. To use this option, simply change the “Shipping” value to “local pickup” on the Cart or Checkout page.

We provide multiple options for secure, fast, and easy payments. Through the checkout process, you can pay directly via credit card or via a Paypal account. Paypal also offers the option to pay by credit card on the Paypal site even if you don’t have a Paypal account. In all cases, your transaction is secure through the use of SSL (https://) on our site; credit card processing via “Stripe”; and/or by Paypal security. If you prefer, you can contact us for payment via manual entry of your credit card information.

Our business is required to collect Texas and Florida sales tax (and applicable county surtax) for deliveries located within those states. We do not collect sales tax for deliveries elsewhere – any tax liability is the responsibility of the customer. The applicable surtax rate depends on the county of the delivery location. For example, the surtax for packages shipped to Florida is based on the county of the destination address. At trade shows within Florida, the applicable surtax is based on the venue location.

Yes, if, for example, you purchased a redfoot tortoise hatchling, you can coordinate with us via email to make a specific tortoise choice. We would send an inventory picture for you to choose from.

It depends. Generally, hatchlings and other young tortoises are of undetermined sex. This is because there are no external physical difference between males and females until they reach a certain age. Some breeders will control the temperature of incubation to favor males vs females or vice verca. This is not done by Redfoot Ranch – our incubation temperature equally yields males and females. Whether a sex choice is available or not is explicitly provided on product listings.

For inventory of known sex, you can make a single purchase of a group combination consisting of a single male plus one or more females. For example, to purchase a male/female pair, select the “Group” option and a purchase quantity of 2. To purchase a trio (male and two females), select the “Group” option and a quantity of 3. If you want to purchase other sex combinations (for example, one female and two males, you will have to place two separate orders.

Our Terms and Conditions can be found here. These must be specifically confirmed as part of the Checkout process.