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  • Argentine Red Tegu Hatchlings

    These baby Tegus are about 9″ long and have a voracious appetite and are eating a variety of foods including crickets, pinky mice and canned dog food.

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    Sumatran water Monitor Hatchlings


    We have 4 wild caught Sumatran Water Monitors. Each of them is beautifully colored from nose to tail, eating on crickets and pinks, and full of energy.

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    Savannah Monitor


    This wild caught Savannah Monitor has been long time resident at the ranch arriving here over three years ago. A real old chuckster, she never misses a meal. Eating on mice, rats, turkey, and hard boiled eggs.

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    Solomon Island Water Monitor


    This exotic animal has been living at the ranch for about two years.  It is not aggressive or fighty, but does have very sharp fingernails. Eating on mice, rat pups, turkey, and hard boiled eggs.

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    Cuban Rock Iguana

    SOLD We have a captive bred Cuban Rock Iguana (Cyclura nublia) available! He is just over 18”, and confirmed male. He’s eating a variety of chopped greens, some of his favorites being Romaine and hibiscus. This CB animal hasn’t been … Read More
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    Black and White Argentine Tegu

    out of stock These recently hatched tegus were captive bred at Redfoot Ranch in Florida in July 2018. These hatchlings are eating crickets, pinky mice, canned dog food, boiled eggs and more. See description on wiki NOTE: Must be 18+ … Read More
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