Marginated Tortoise hatchlings

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We currently have two Marginated tortoise (Testudo marginata) hatchling available. These are captive bred babies. These are well started.   As adults these are small to medium tortoises attaining between 12-15 inches.
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Marginated Tortoise hatchlings (Testudo marginata)

As adults these are small to medium tortoises attaining between 12-15 inches.

The Marginated tortoise is native to Greece and a few other regions of Southern Europe where it lives in arid regions and, oftentimes, in high mountainous areas.  It is the largest European tortoise. When kept outside, marginated tortoises typically require temperatures to be no less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit overnight except during winter hibernation during which they must be kept above freezing.  When not in hibernation, their habitat should provide for a temperature of at least 70 degrees for a portion of the daylight hours.  These tortoises will do well in many areas of the US. At full size, they typically grow to about 14 inches.  Their enclosure needs to accommodate their tendency to dig and climb.  Given their ease of care and small size, these are a good tortoise choice. When properly cared for, they will provide a lifetime of enjoyment

see care sheet from Reptiles magazine

see description on wiki

NOTE: Must be 18+ years old to order. Please check your state and local laws concerning captive species before ordering. Turtles and tortoises under 4 inches are sold for scientific, educational, and exhibition purposes only.

Additional information

Common Name

Marginated tortoise

Scientific name

Testudo marginata




Typical adult size

12-15 inches


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