Ivory Spur Thigh Hatchlings


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New arrivals!  Captive bred to unrelated parents (Ivory father and Het mother)

Ivory sulcata tortoises have dark ruby eyes and have creamy tan to brown coloration to their shell.  Born in warm and sunny Florida, these beautiful young torts are ready for a new home!

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Ivory Spurthigh Hatchlings (Geochelone Sulcata)

The Spur Thigh tortoise is native to eastern and southern Africa where it lives in grasslands or other semi-arid areas. The Florida climate where we keep our breeders and their captive bred offspring, provides a good substitute environment for these tortoises. These attractive tortoises are the third largest species of tortoises and the largest available at Redfoot Ranch.  Typical full size adults range from around 18 inches to over three feet in length.  These hearty tortoises have a long life span and, as they reach maturity, will require a large space. When properly cared for, they will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Our Spur Thigh breeders openly graze for much of their dietary needs. This is augmented with leafy greens, succulent plants, cactus, and fibrous fruits (e.g., apples). Adults also receive a small amount of protein (commercially packaged turtle food, broken down with water) to augment their predominantly vegetable diet. Hatchlings are fed similarly with very little or no protein.


Additional information

Common Name

Spur Thigh tortoise

Scientific name

Geochelone Sulcata




Typical adult size

18 inches – 36 inches+


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