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  • CherryHead Hatchling

    We currently have a small inventory of cherryhead hatchlings available.

    Our cherryhead hatchlings are always in high demand because of their beautiful coloration.  These are all recently hatched captive bred tortoises that are actively eating and at least three weeks of age.  Typical ages range between 3 and six months.  Given their young age, their sex remains undetermined and they must be kept in a protected indoor environment.   When properly cared for, they will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

    From $250.00 Each
  • Pancake Tortoise Hatchling

    This tortoise will stay small at only 6-7″ inches at adult size they can be kept indoors with ease. This hatchling is readily eating mixed greens.

    not rated $550.00
  • White Throat Mud turtle hatchling

    White Throat Mud Turtle Hatchling (Kinosternon scorpioides albogulare) These are captive bred hatchlings, and the only ones we have seen available recently. They are eating bloodworms and pellet food. Being that they stay fairly small, these are a great turtle … Read More
    not rated $75.00