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  • Redfoot tortoise hatchling

    Our most popular product, newly hatched captive bred redfoots will not be made available for sale until they are active eaters and they reach at least three weeks of age.  Typical ages range between 3 and six months.  Given their young age, their sex remains undetermined and they must be kept in a protected indoor environment.   When properly cared for, they will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

    From $110.00 Each
  • Spur Thigh Tortoise Hatchling

    We have several recently hatched, captive bred spurthigh tortoise hatchlings currently available.  They are active eaters and at least a month old with most ranging between three and six months.  Given their young age, their sex remains undetermined.  They must be kept in a protected indoor environment.   At maturity, these tortoises will grow to be quite large.  When properly cared for, they will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

  • Sale!

    Elongated Tortoise Hatchling


    We have a limited supply of well started, captive bred elongated tortoise.  These are between 3 and 6 months old and of undetermined sex.

    not rated From $150.00 Each
  • Redfoot Tortoise Adults


    Our redfoot tortoise adults are of breeding age and of known sex.  They are normally kept within secure outside enclosures at the ranch and, weather permitting, will continue to be kept outside after customer purchase.  Depending on available inventory, the following purchase options may be available:  select “Male” and then the desired quantity to purchase one or more males; select “Female” and then the desired quantity to purchase one or more females; and select “Group” and the desired quantity to purchase a single male plus one or more females.  For example, to purchase a pair, select “Group” and then select a quantity of 2.  Alternatively, to purchase a trio, select “Group” and then select a quantity of three.

    From $337.50 Each
  • Russian Tortoise Juveniles and Adults

    in stock

    Our inventory of Russian torts varies between young juveniles and fully mature adults.  If interested in a particular age range, contact us for availability.


    From $80.00 Each
  • Hermanns Tortoise Juveniles

    We have a very nice pair of juvenile Hermann’s – feeding on leafy greens, succulent plants, and small amounts of fruit.

    Our farm raised Hermann pre-adults are not yet at full maturity and oftentimes their sex cannot be determined.  Most often, these tortoises will be kept within secure indoor enclosures at the Ranch.

    From $170.00 Each
  • Adult Spur Thigh Tortoise

    Two are available.  One is priced at $300 and the other at $350. These tortoises are readily eating a variety of lettuces, sweet potatoes, grapes, bananas and assorted greens! These tortoises do quite well outdoors in Florida.

    The smaller male does have pyramiding from his previous owner. Since coming to Redfoot Ranch his shell has new smooth growth.

    These very large tortoises require special shipping arrangements.  Shipping cost can vary greatly depending on destination and will typically range between $90 and $150.  In most cases, these tortoises must be shipped  via air cargo (e.g., Delta) for customer pickup at the destination airport.  Orders are not accepted online. Inquire for more information.
    not rated $300.00
Our principal focus at Redfoot Ranch is the land tortoise.  As one would expect from our name, the Redfoot Tortoise (or Red Footed tortoise) is our flagship offering.  Native to parts of South America and Central America, it does extremely well in our Florida habitat.  We maintain a number of breeding stock to provide a robust supply of hatchlings for this extremely popular tortoise.  Our Redfoot Tortoises are known for their great coloring.  We also offer the rarer Cherryhead Redfoot Tortoise which are especially sought out for their high coloration.  At the ranch, we also raise the closely related Yellowfoot Tortoise, the Leopard and Sulcata (Spur Thigh) Tortoises from arid regions of Africa; the Hermann Tortoise from grassland regions around the Mediterranean; and the Elongated Tortoise from Southeast Asia.  All are long lived, have great personalities, and make awesome pets.  Most of the tortoises that we sell are small captive bred hatchlings within six months of birth.  Occasionally, we have more mature juvenile and/or adult tortoises available.  While our goal is to maintain a continuous supply of tortoise inventory for sale, availability of individual species will vary from time to time.  If you don't see what you are interested in, send us a note and we will let you know if we have plans for future inventory that will fit your interest and the time frame in which they are anticipated to be available.

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