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    Juvenile Redfoot Tortoise


    Occasionally available, our juvenile redfoot tortoises are at least two years old and include pre-adults to an age of 5 years or more.  Often (particularly, with younger inventory), these are of undetermined sex.  If so, that will be the only purchase option available.  In the case that sex is known, you may select “Male” to purchase one or more males, “Female” to purchase one or more females, or “Group” to purchase a single male plus one or more females.  For example, to purchase a pair, select “Group” and then select a quantity of 2.  Alternatively, to purchase a trio, select “Group” and then select a quantity of three.  Of course, inventory limits may exclude certain purchase options.

    From $175.00 Each
  • Spotted Turtle

    One male available

    not rated $250.00
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    Kwangtung River Turtle

    Two captive bred Kwangtung River turtles available at the ranch! These turtles were raised in Florida are feeding well on turtle pellets.