Marginated Tortoise hatchlings

We have Marginated tortoise (Testudo marginata) hatchlings available. These are captive bred babies. Select from 2 month olds and 5 month olds.   As adults these are small to medium tortoises attaining between 12-15 inches.

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Black and White Argentine Tegu

These recently hatched tegus were captive bred at Redfoot Ranch in Florida in July 2018. These hatchlings are eating crickets, pinky mice, canned dog food, boiled eggs and more. See description on wiki NOTE: Must be 18+ years old to … Read More

North American Wood turtle

North American Wood turtle (Glyptemys insculpta) We have 2 North American Wood turtles (Clemmys insculpta) available. They are right around 2 years old, captive bred here in Florida. These babies are very healthy with no tail nips. They eat very … Read More

White Throat Mud turtle hatchling

White Throat Mud Turtle Hatchling (Kinosternon scorpioides albogulare) These are captive bred hatchlings, and the only ones we have seen available recently. They are eating bloodworms and pellet food. Being that they stay fairly small, these are a great turtle … Read More

African Mud Turtle

African Mud Turtle Hatchling (Pelusios castaneus) Well started African Mud turtles (Pelusios castaneus) available at Redfoot Ranch. These were captive bred in Florida in 2017. They are hearty, healthy babies that will make fascinating pets. They have great appetites and … Read More

Cuban Rock Iguana

We have a captive bred Cuban Rock Iguana (Cyclura nublia) available! He is just over 18”, and confirmed male. He’s eating a variety of chopped greens, some of his favorites being Romaine and hibiscus. This CB animal hasn’t been handled … Read More

Hannah B

12 October 2018 I ordered a hatchling cherryhead from Bill back in March 2018. The baby arrived in great shape, and was eating and active immediately. “Todd” has been growing like a weed and is the lively, beautiful tortoise I … Read More

Boney – Redfoot hatchling

Customer Media This redfoot hatchling left the Ranch in December 2016 for new home with Cassandra P in Hazard, KY.  Note from Cassandra: “I got my little guy from Redfoot Ranch last year. His name is Boney. His favorite foods … Read More

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