Strawberry Corn Snake

We have a young strawberry corn snake roghly 21 inches in length.  Very good eater being fed frozen/thawed as well as live small rodents.… Read More

Hog Island Boa

Three males currently remaining.  Very nice Hog Island boas.  Choose between single males(s) or male/female pairs.  Feeding on fuzzy pinkies.… Read More

Yellowfoot tortoise Pre-Adults
two available – one 5+ months and one 18+ months – both undetermined sex

Our captive bred Yellowfoot hatchlings are  well started.   When properly cared for, they will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.… Read More

Yearling Leopard Tortoise


Several currently available to choose from.  Each of these beautiful and well started tortoises is very light and creamy colored. These tortoises are readily eating a variety of lettuces, sweet potatoes, assorted greens augmented with occasional fruits.

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