Adult Spur Thigh Tortoise

Two are available.  One is priced at $300 and the other at $350. These tortoises are readily eating a variety of lettuces, sweet potatoes, grapes, bananas and assorted greens! These tortoises do quite well outdoors in Florida.

The smaller male does have pyramiding from his previous owner. Since coming to Redfoot Ranch his shell has new smooth growth.

These very large tortoises require special shipping arrangements.  Shipping cost can vary greatly depending on destination and will typically range between $90 and $150.  In most cases, these tortoises must be shipped  via air cargo (e.g., Delta) for customer pickup at the destination airport.  Orders are not accepted online. Inquire for more information.

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Melvita – Redfoot Hatchling

Customer Media This redfoot left the Ranch as a hatchling in the fall of 2016 for new home with Mary M in Florida.  Note from Mary: “Melvita is doing great! She has just turned 3 and we got her 2 … Read More


22 March 2019 “Ethel” our sulcata tortoise from Redfoot Ranch is 3 years old now. She honestly has the BEST personality! Other sulcata owners who have met her are all so shocked at how much energy she has, and as … Read More

Chinese Box Turtle Hatchlings


This captive bred turtle is very inquisitive and is eating well on pellets.

**All proceeds from this animal will go to support a local Turtle and Tortoise Rescue.**… Read More


18 January, 2019 A week ago on 1/11/19 I received my beautiful Hermann’s tortoise. He arrived safely and was as healthy as could be! From day 1 he has been eating and very active. Thank you for the great customer … Read More

Marginated Tortoise hatchlings

Currently, Out Of Stock

We have one Marginated tortoise (Testudo marginata) hatchling available. These are captive bred babies. Select from 2 month olds and 5 month olds.   As adults these are small to medium tortoises attaining between 12-15 inches.

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