Johannah H

St Petersburg, FL

January 7, 2017

We live in St Petersburg, so we opted for the no-shipping method and met Bill locally to retrieve our tortoise. Not only did he make this very convenient for us, he was very communicative and we had our tortoise within 24 hrs.

Once we got the tortoise, we struggled a bit to get all the lights and temperatures right and the little guy didn’t eat for 5 days! Bill was available by text and phone with a lot of helpful advice on the best things to feed him, the temperatures in the habitat and generally to calm down any worries.
With all of Bill’s advice, we were able to get Shellden’s habitat up to par (so many sources online say so many different things, but trust Bill!). Shellden is now eating and basking on his own schedule and he is, clearly, the happiest red foot in the world.

I’d recommend the Red Foot ranch to anyone looking to begin tortoise parenthood, or to grow your tortoise family.