Squish – Redfoot Hatchling

Customer Media This redfoot hatchling left the Ranch in May 2017 for new home with Tracy D on Florida East Coast.  Tracy says that Squish is doing great, is amazing, and she hopes to get a friend for him real … Read More

Miles M

Sept 17, 2018 Just wanted to thank you again for our amazing little guy. The kids named him Michelangelo, Mikey for short. He’s gaining weight steadily, eating almost everything we’ve offered him (except romaine, he didn’t care for the romaine … Read More

Rollout of Refreshed Website Design

Redfoot Ranch is pleased to announce that our redfootranch.com website has been refreshed with an updated design.  A principal focus of this updated design has been to simplify and improve the means of navigating through the site so that customers … Read More

Updated Shipping Rates

All live animals purchased through redfootranch.com are shipped via FEDEX Priority Overnight. Our shipping costs include not only the cost charged by FEDEX but also the cost of specialized insulated shipping containers. The amount that we charge our customers for … Read More

Repticon Jacksonville – Oct 2018

Stop by and say hello at the Jacksonville show!   This show is a bit farther from our Wimauma home base than our regular venues, so we don’t always get a chance to participate.  We look forward to meeting our … Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Redfoot tortoise hatchlingOur most popular product, newly hatched captive bred redfoots will not be made available for sale until they are active eaters and they reach at least three weeks of age.  Typical ages range between 3 and six months.  … Read More

Tortoise Gallery

Product Images At Redfoot Ranch, we produce captive bred hatchlings from our diverse group of breeders.  We also acquire inventory from various trusted suppliers.  If you’re looking for a tortoise that is either out of stock or not listed on the … Read More

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