North American Wood turtle

North American Wood turtle (Glyptemys insculpta) We have 2 North American Wood turtles (Clemmys insculpta) available. They are right around 2 years old, captive bred here in Florida. These babies are very healthy with no tail nips. They eat very … Read More

White Throat Mud turtle hatchling

White Throat Mud Turtle Hatchling (Kinosternon scorpioides albogulare) These are captive bred hatchlings, and the only ones we have seen available recently. They are eating bloodworms and pellet food. Being that they stay fairly small, these are a great turtle … Read More

Hannah B

12 October 2018 I ordered a hatchling cherryhead from Bill back in March 2018. The baby arrived in great shape, and was eating and active immediately. “Todd” has been growing like a weed and is the lively, beautiful tortoise I … Read More

Boney – Redfoot hatchling

Customer Media This redfoot hatchling left the Ranch in December 2016 for new home with Cassandra P in Hazard, KY.  Note from Cassandra: “I got my little guy from Redfoot Ranch last year. His name is Boney. His favorite foods … Read More

Adult Redfoot Female – Socializing in PA

Customer Media This adult female redfoot left the Ranch in June 2018 for new home with Kathy S in Delmont, PA.  Note from Kathy: “Melvita is doing great! She has just turned 3 and we got her 2 1/2 years … Read More

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