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We support three shipping variations as follows:

  1. Standard shipping to continental US.  Redfoot ranch has reduced our maximum flat rate shipping cost to $50 for most orders and to $100 for extra large orders – for many locations, this is a significant savings over normal FEDEX rates to most locations.  For some locations close to our Florida address, FEDEX rates may be less – enter state and zip code and select “Calculate Shipping” to check Note that , if registered, your account shipping address, if any, is utilized.
  2. Local pickup from Tampa Bay area – Use Coupon Code “PICKUP” if you are local to Tampa Bay and want to arrange for local pickup and save on shipping.  After ordering we will coordinate with you via phone/email to arrange for a time and location for pickup.
  3. Otherwise, leave the default flat rate shipping cost.  Currently, the only area using flat rate shipping is Puerto Rico.  We are only able to ship Redfoot tortoise orders to Puerto RicoClick here for more information.

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