Updated Shipping Rates

All live animals purchased through redfootranch.com are shipped via FEDEX Priority Overnight. Our shipping costs include not only the cost charged by FEDEX but also the cost of specialized insulated shipping containers. The amount that we charge our customers for shipping is determined from the size and quantity of live animals purchased and by the destination of the shipment. In all cases these charges are well below retail FEDEX rates. We categorize shipping containers into one of four sizes: Standard; Standard Plus; Oversized; and Oversized Plus.

We classify each animal that we sell into one of three shipping classes.: small; medium; or large. For example, all hatchlings are classified as small, most juveniles are classified as medium and most adults are classified as large. The shipment container is a based on shipping class and quantity purchased as shown. The shipping destinations that we support are: (1) Florida; (2) Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, and North Carolina; (3) Remainder of Continental US; and (4) Alaska. The rates for each shipping destination/container size combination are shown.

The vast majority of our shipments use the standard size container.  The rate for the most destinations is $65. This rate is reduced to just $45 within Florida and to $60 in nearby states.

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